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GLAME - GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics

Welcome to the wonderful world of GLAME, short for GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics! The project aims to present you with a powerful, fast, stable and easily extensible sound editor for Linux and compatible systems. And best of all, it's GPLed!


After a long time it is finally done! Just in time for Easter the new stable GLAME release-series with the GLAME 2.0.1 release brings you support for the Gnome-2 desktop. Apart from the usual bugfixing and minor enhancements, GLAME now integrates nicely with the Gnome-2 desktop. Additionally, GLAME 2.0.1 is now capable of exporting to the Ogg and MP3 audio file formats.

GLAME 2.0.1, and all previous versions are available as source packages via HTTP. GLAME depends on audiofile, guile, and the core gnome (Version 2) libs. Be sure to have them installed before trying to compile the package. For mp3 support you need to install libmad and liblame, for ogg support you need libvorbisfile.


As response to problems with the NPTL threading library another stable release, GLAME 1.0.2, was done. It features some bugfixes and minor usability enhancements in the importing dialog.

For presentation at LinuxTag 2003 in Karlsruhe, Germany, another stable release of GLAME was leaked. GLAME 1.0.1 features backports of the mp3 and ogg importer from mainline and support for LADSPA v1.1.

This year's easter egg is a pretty big one: About three and a half years after the first line of code saw the light, on Apr. 19th, 2003, GLAME has finally hit version 1.0.0, featuring an easy-to-use graphical environment for multi-track recording, a new, graphical mixer plugin, enhanced performance, and of course the usual load of bug fixes all over the place. A special hej to users in Denmark, as they are now able to steer the GLAME menus in their own language. The 1.0.0 release starts a new stable branch, and is recommended to all users. It is the last one based on GNOME 1. The development branch currently focuses on switching to the current GNOME 2 libraries.

GLAME 0.6.4, released on Nov. 22nd, 2002, fixes a couple of bugs present in 0.6.3, and renders the ALSA plugin compatible with current ALSA 0.9.0rc5. All users of the stable branch 0.6 are encouraged to update.

The latest stable release of GLAME is out just in time for LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, Germany. Version 0.6.3 is mostly a bugfix release, but also a couple of new features were added. Notably wave drawing is much faster now. Still not fast enough? Tell us at the Linux Audio booth at LinuxTag!

An early Easter's present is ready for download: GLAME 0.6.2 was released on March, 24th 2002, and sports a couple of bug fixes and enhancements in usability. A nasty leak in the swapfile is now plugged and will no longer eat more and more of your disk space over time. LADSPA users can now apply even more plugins straight from the editor window, the repeat plugin has been overhauled, and there's a brand new plugin, pan2, to play with. All users of GLAME's stable branch are encouraged to upgrade.

It's January, 27th 2002, and GLAME version 0.6.1 is out. This is the first bugfix release in GLAME's current stable series. It squashes a couple of error conditions, an improved normalize plugin, and complete set of localised French and German messages for the graphical user interface.

Looking for a christmas present? We've got one to spare. It's new, it's shiny, it's GLAME 0.6.0. This means GLAME has entered a new stable branch on December 23rd 2001. An amazing set of new features from the 0.5 development branch is now available to anyone. You can adjust parameters in realtime, steer through GLAME with powerful keybindings, or explore the grouping gimmicks in the filternetwork editor. Parts of the graphical frontend have been localized for the benefit of French- and German-speaking users. Also import and export have become much more userfriendly through an intuitive graphical dialog. All this and lots more is included in the GLAME's 0.6.0 tarball, waiting for Santa to download. (Mere mortals welcome as well.)

GLAME has been included in Debian since the woody release. Precompiled .debs are available from any mirror. The source distribution of GLAME also includes a spec file for building RPM packages. The folks at Mandrake distribute binary RPMs of GLAME.

A newly created mailing list, glame-users, is open for discussion now. If you want to share tips and tricks regarding the use of GLAME, meet fellow GLAMErs, or find out what GLAME can do for you, this is the best place for you. There's a web frontend for easy subscription.


Developers are probably most interested in GLAME's bleeding edge version which is available via anonymous CVS as module glame from Just hit return when prompted for a password.


For a first glance into the design of GLAME's backend, check out the online version of The GLAME Manual.

Some notes and tricks for mulittrack-recording.

Our list of Computer Audio Resources contains vast load of information on audio filters and sound processing, both in online and printed form.

You want some screenshots? Here are some screens we shoot at during more or less recent development.



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